Where would you hold a national conference? If you have delegates travelling from all over the country, this can be a tricky decision. Many people would say London as the easy answer, simply because it is commonly seen as the most important city in the UK. However, that does not necessarily mean it is the best place for a conference.

Increasingly, companies and other organisations are looking to host events in the area of Birmingham. This might not be most people's first guess, but on close inspection the city and its surrounding area have a huge number of advantages for those looking to hold a conference.

It is no surprise, therefore, that a number of incredibly important events are being hosted in the region. The Conservative Party conference was just hosted in Birmingham and there are plans to hold it in the city again. In fact, the Conservatives are looking to return to Birmingham in 2016, 2018 and 2020.

Lucy Talbot, director at Conference Aston, told The Business Desk that the region has become much more appealing as a conference event. She said: "By an increasingly vocal majority, it is no longer considered too far north and has instead become the natural place to host national conferences, carving out a reputation as a leading destination for business tourism."

The Museums Association Annual Conference and Exhibition is also scheduled to take place in Birmingham in November 2015. Sharon Heal, the organisation's head of publications and events, said the Museums Association was "delighted" to be able to host its conference in the West Midlands.

So why are such prominent organisations choosing Birmingham and the surrounding area to host their conferences? Firstly, there is the location. Birmingham is practically smack bang in the middle of the UK, which is incredibly useful if you have delegates arriving from all over the country.

In terms of transport links, the city is incredibly well-connected. Holding a conference in London means shelling out a huge amount in travel costs, simply because the metropolis is so huge. Getting into one of the main train stations could still place you miles from your destination, and the less said about driving in the capital the better!

Cranmore Park, for example, is easily accessed from the M42 motorway. This means people driving in do not have to worry about hours of congestion; they can simply drive up to our private car park and go straight into the conference!

As the UK's second-biggest city, Birmingham has all of the advantages of London with very few disadvantages. It should definitely be considered for your next conference. There are a huge number of venues, like Cranmore Park, which can accommodate all your needs and leave you pleased with your decision to choose the Birmingham area to host your conference.