Trade shows can be a busy, competitive experience. Everyone there is trying to get attendees to notice their product and visit their stand rather than the ones next to them, which can become a difficult task. It isn't like a local market; you will gain nothing by shouting over people!

Instead, you need to attract people naturally to your stand. This is usually done visually, and display work is a very important part of any trade show. However, ideally you will want to offer attendees something, giving them a reason to visit your stall without having to coerce or persuade them to visit.

One of the best ways to do this is to offer a discount or special offer on your products. The promise of a money-saving deal will be appealing to most people, so they might investigate your stall even if they have nothing to do with your industry. After all, nobody wants to miss out on a great special offer!

You might not want to take money off your products, but doing so is definitely worth it. For one, you will almost certainly make the money back, as an offer will increase traffic to your stall. More customers means more purchases; even if those purchases are cheaper it still means more money for you.

It is also better in the long run. If people buy your product on special offer and it proves popular, they might get in touch with you after the show and order more at full price. Increasing your brand's awareness is always going to be a good thing, so you should seize the opportunity to do so!

Finally, it will give people a good reason to seek you out at trade shows in general. If people know you offer discounts to attendees, they might look for you if you are in their area. This is another great way to increase your trade, improving your finances and making every visit to an exhibition really worthwhile.