Attracting people to your stand at your next trade show is one challenge, but have you thought about what you will do with all of them when they get there? You might have had an awkward experience with attendees when too many of them visit you at once, leaving you trying to deal with ten queries at once.

This can make you look unprofessional and under-prepared for the exhibition. It is always a good idea to take one or two extra members of staff with you to every trade show, but sometimes this still isn't enough! If too many people come over to you at once, you will find yourselves rushed and panicked, which will have a negative effect on attendees.

One possible solution to all this is a 'booth host'. This is simply a person who can represent you before attendees get to your booth and direct them to a specific person based on their enquiry. This is a great way to manage queues, but also to show off how professional your business is and to give a positive first impression to all attendees.

Your booth host can take queries from interested attendees, then point them to a specialist member of staff. This makes you look more like industry experts while preventing wasting anyone's time.

Because your host will simply be directing people to the appropriate member of your team, they don't need to be particularly experienced in your field. However, it is always a good idea to choose someone with excellent people skills. You want attendees' first interaction with you company to be a good one, after all!

You will need to invest some time into training your host as well. They don't need to know a huge amount, but they must be able to recognise which member of your team will be able to help an attendee out with a specific query.

If you can train up a good booth host, you might find that they are well worth the investment. They might even make the difference between success and failure at your next trade show!