Have you ever had a trade show that was a failure, but without any clear reason why? It could be that you had very few people come over to your stand, or that the people who did talk to you rarely ended up making a purchase. Often, this is because you got one thing wrong: your positioning.

This seems like a very tiny part of a successful trade show experience, but it is actually incredibly important. Where you sit or stand plays a large part in how approachable you seem, as well as whether you come across as relatable or distant to the attendees. So, where do you usually position yourself?

If the answer is 'behind the stall', then you need to change that. This is the worst place to position yourself at a trade show, especially if you are sitting down! First of all, you are much less able to attract the attention of attendees if you are stuck behind a stall. You are entirely dependent on your branding to get people interested, which might not be the best option!

Similarly, when people do come over to your stand then there will be a physical barrier between you and them, in the form of your table. This actually makes you seem more distant and harder to relate to, as you will come across like a shopkeeper rather than a business contact.

Stand in front of your stall for the best results. You should still be close enough that it is easy to see that you and the stand are connected, otherwise this will be detrimental. However, the added mobility makes you more able to attract attention.

If you can, stand to the side of your stall so that you don't get in the way of your branding. This should also mean that the people you talk to will end up in exactly the right place to pick up any promotional materials or free gifts you have on offer. Sort your positioning out and you will be on the right track to trade show success!