So you're thinking about attending a trade show or exhibition, but not sure which one to choose. You've got a few different options, but can only really spare the time to visit one of them. How do ensure you make the right choice, and opt for the show that delivers the best possible experience?

Doing a little basic research, and thinking about what you're looking for from your experience, can make all the difference. Rather than simply jumping in the car and heading to events on a whim, why not check what actually lies in store at your destination?

Writing for the Huffington Post, Renee Strauss identified some of the key considerations for people searching for the best possible trade show. First of all, she highlighted the importance of choosing a well-organised event, which has a reputable person at the helm.

She said that, ideally, the show will be hosted by a trusted vendor, industry insider or publication - essentially a person, organisation or body with the necessary expertise and know-how to do the job. "This ensures that the show's exhibitors will be of a certain calibre, as you can be sure they will offer you the most current and relevant products and services," Ms Strauss stated.

It is also important that the vendors attending to the show are people you might like to do business with. This means they not only offer goods or services of a high quality, but operate within your price range. Ask yourself, is there any point attending a show where everything on sale is too expensive for you to buy?

Ms Strauss urged spending time online researching the organisations that may be present at a given show. "The various vendor participants should be on the event website well in advance of the actual showcase," she told the news provider. "It is a serious sign if there's no fully-fledged vendor list visible. If the producer hasn't secured worthy vendors - and the event date is looming - he or she sells space to anyone who will pay their ask."

According to Ms Strauss, the best trade shows offer more than just vendor booths. She advised looking for events which offer live entertainment, relevant demos, shows, expert panels and other exciting activations. "These additions not only keep the show from feeling monotonous, they also offer added value to you," she stated.