If you're hoping to enjoy a successful trade show, you've got to ensure your booth or stand looks as professional as possible.

In order to give the right impression to attendees - the people you hope will become your customers following the event - you've got to achieve the right set-up.

It's easy to overlook the importance of setting up your booth and getting everything in the right place, given the multitude of other things you need to do on the day.

However, a good set-up can be the difference between drawing people into your booth, and pushing them away.

If you fail to get your house in order from the outset, there's a very real danger that your stand will be messy and disorganised, things will get lost and you'll find yourself getting stressed.

It's important to arrive in plenty of time before a trade show begins, ensuring you have room to manoeuvre.

You may wish to try a number of different stand designs, in a bid to find the optimum arrangement that fully utilises the space you have available.

If you rush in five minutes before the first potential customers come through the door, you simply haven't got this luxury.

You'll find yourself hurrying, potentially missing some of the crucial details and even misplacing things you may need later.

For instance, if you manage to achieve a sale, you need to have all the necessary paperwork available to hand. You can't afford to keep a consumer waiting five minutes while you find misplaced documents - there's a good chance they'll walk off if you do.

It's likely that you'll have had the trade show in your diary for a number of months, and done the required preparation in advance.

Don't let things slide on the day of the event, by failing to make the most of the opportunity!