Knowing who to target at trade shows increases your chances of turning leads into new customers, it has been claimed.

Lew Hoff, president at Bartizan, urged exhibitors to define who they want to speak to and then target them specifically.

"At a busy trade show, you may not have a lot of time to spend with each person who comes by your booth," he told Trade Show News Network.

Mr Hoff noted that, at large events, hundreds of potential leads may be vying for your attention, and each one could be the connection needed to capture a big sale.

"If you keep attendees waiting too long, they will leave, causing you to miss what could have been a great opportunity," he warned.

For this reason, it is "vital" that exhibitors maximise the value of their conversations with each person, Mr Hoff stated.

This is in order to qualify as many leads as possible during the short time you are able to devote to them, he added.

Not everyone who shows an interest in your goods and services at a trade show will convert into a customer, no matter how impressive your offering is.

So it is a case of zoning in on the people who most typically buy from you, based upon their profile and your initial conversation with them.

This can ensure more of your time at trade shows is spent selling, rather than simply having pleasant chats which offer no prospect of new revenue.