If you're interested in marketing your business' products or services at a trade show in the coming year, it might be in your interests to commit at soon as possible.

Registering early can help ensure you get the best possible deal, meaning you've got more financial resources left over to spend on your booth display and promotional materials.

Very often, trade show organisers will offer a discount to businesses that sign up early - after all, they need companies to commit.

Think about it from the organiser's perspective; if they can't attract a sufficient number of organisations to the trade show, it will not be a viable proposition.

They cannot hope to attract day visitors to the event - and charge them a fee - if half of the booths are empty and there is little on offer.

Put dates in your diary

It makes sense to check through your diary and look ahead towards trade shows. Which events are being staged and where?

If you can put dates on the calendar and commit to attending, it is worth signing up early and taking advantage of low fees.

Sometimes it can be difficult to look too far into the future, but building your year around promotional events such as trade shows can provide important structure.

Knowing which events you will be attending and when allows you to plan for staffing resources, ensuring you have enough people available to bring to the show.

You don't want to be left short-handed in the office or on the shop floor, so it might be necessary to call on some additional support for the day.

This could be in the form of friends or family members, or even temporary staff if necessary. Either way, it's easier to find people if you plan sufficiently far in advance.

Booking your hotels

Booking trade show spaces early can have other benefits from a financial perspective.

If the event stretches over two or more days, you'll need somewhere for you and your employees to stay.

Typically hotels offer cheaper prices the further in advance you book, for the same reason discounted prices may be available at trade shows.

If you are one of the first people to book for a particular date, you may end up getting the best deal.

If there will be a number of your staff attending the trade show, this could add up to a significant saving overall.

The same applies if you're travelling by train; you can book advance tickets to take advantage of the greatest discounts.

This may be a less stressful option than driving up the motorway on the morning of the event, setting off at the crack of dawn to ensure you beat the traffic.