Hosting a Wi-Fi hotspot at your conference or trade show can make for a more successful event for all concerned.

With so many people reliant on their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, people expect to be able to get online wherever they are.

At a conference or trade show, this could be to find out additional information on exhibitors or speakers, to add contacts on social media, or to keep in touch with the office.

Businesses may desire web access in order to offer interactive displays, or to provide additional information on their business to attendees.

Given that there will be many people in the same place at the same time, and many of them will want to use the internet simultaneously, it's important to ensure there is adequate connectivity at your venue.

Mobile broadband networks, whether 3G or 4G, may struggle to cope with a surge in demand in your location, meaning everyone's online experience suffers.

But if you install the infrastructure needed to create a Wi-Fi hotspot, and ensure everyone has access to the login details and password, there is greater provision.

You don't want to see people struggling to get online, web pages failing to load, and videos buffering due to a lack of bandwidth.

This can impact on their overall experience at your event, which may determine whether they come again or not next year.