If you're running a new start-up business and only have a limited marketing budget to work with, is it a realistic prospect to advertise at trade shows and exhibitions?

There are costs involved with this form of promotional activity, as you'll have to pay for your booth, travel to and from the venue, accommodation and any staffing costs.

But there are always opportunities to reduce your expenditure and market your business more affordably, while still attending the show or exhibition.

Writing for Business 2 Community, Ben Camerota - president of MVP Visuals - suggested sharing a booth with another company, such as a partner organisation.

"As long as it’s a good fit that makes sense, partnering with another exhibitor on one booth will hugely cut down on costs," he noted.

"You’ll pay less in exhibitor fees, cut transport costs, and reduce the spend on display visuals."

Mr Camerota said that by sharing a booth, companies can still bring home valuable leads that turn into sales, but at a lower cost per lead than would otherwise be possible.

And for those who are running small businesses on a limited budget, this can be all important.

Some of the leads from the trade show or exhibition may turn into important customers for the company and play an important role in growing the business.

On the back of the revenue generated, the small company may be able to afford its own booth at the next trade show, without the need for external support.

But every business has to start somewhere, so it's important to consider every option for marketing when first starting out.