At any trade show or exhibition, there are good booths for advertising your products and services, and there are great ones.

Ideally, you want to tie down one of the latter - some prime 'real estate' at the event where you are prominently-placed and guaranteed footfall.

The last thing you want is for high-value customers to be lured in by one of your rivals before they make it round to your stand.

In order to secure one of the best spots at any trade show, you need to book early - potentially up to a year in advance.

Places are commonly allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, as this offers an incentive to businesses and organisations who are considering signing up.

Organisers are eager to confirm attendees as soon as possible, and one of the ways they can achieve this goal is by allowing early bookers to choose where they want to advertise.

If you are a regular attender at a trade show or exhibition, you may also have the opportunity to select your booth location.

Returning advertisers are vital for industry events; they lay the foundations for viable, profitable trade shows and exhibitions.

So if your business keeps coming back time and time again, you can perhaps expect a little preferential treatment - providing you don't leave it too late to confirm your attendance.