If you're advertising at a trade show or exhibition, you may come across many different types of customer - or potential customer - over the course of the day.

What works for one individual may not for another, meaning your organisation needs to adopt a flexible approach to consumer engagement.

Adopting a one-size-fits-all strategy for generating leads could see you miss out on valuable custom - you need to tailor your strategy to reach out to each individual.

This means weighing up each person who approaches your stand, trying to work out where they are coming from and how you can best promote your offering.

Why exactly have they attended the trade show or exhibition?

Some people may be interested in listening to a well-recited sales pitch, while others will want to see a practical demonstration or visual display.

In some cases, consumers may wish to have an informal chat about the products and services on offer over a cup of coffee.

It's important to gauge each customer's level of interest and make a judgement as to how best you can win them over.

Adopting the wrong tactics could be a major turn-off, encouraging consumers to consider what your industry rivals have to offer.

Having a number of different staff available, on-hand, to speak to visitors can be a good idea at any trade show or exhibition.

They need to have the skills and knowledge to promote your brand confidently and conviction.

You need to have sufficient numbers of employees at the event, so there is always someone available to engage with consumers as they approach your stand.