Businesses can use press releases to "create a buzz" at trade shows and raise awareness of their brands, it has been claimed.

Erienne Muldoon, a customer content specialist for Virtual Press Office, told Beyond PR that if an organisation has a presence at industry events, it has a story to tell.

She claimed that trade shows are "meccas of newsworthy announcements" because they provide the perfect launching pad to reveal new products, offer thought leadership from industry experts, and validate industry trends with awards.

Ms Muldoon noted that the media and consumers pay "close attention" to event news, and company press releases can help firms capitalise on this.

"Whether your objective is to create brand awareness for a new company, drive traffic to the booth for leads, or get buyers to your website, you have quality content to share," she said.

Ms Muldoon outlined a number of tips for organisations preparing press releases in support of their trade show attendance.

First of all, she highlighted the importance of incorporating the event name into the headline or subheading.

Headlines should always be kept under 100 characters, with the most important words appearing in the first 65, Ms Muldoon added.

She said press releases need to contain a clear call to action, with encourages consumers to do something next - such as subscribe, buy services or get in touch.

Ms Muldoon said utilising multimedia elements - such as product shots, video demos and infographics - can help create a visual story dynamic.

Other tips include using natural language and disruptive formatting, as a more natural writing style can help "win points" with both readers and search engines.

Trade show advertisers are also urged to include their booth number, and other details which inform visitors where they can be found.

After all, there's little point spending time and money creating a great press release and then hiding out of sight for the duration of the event.

Ms Muldoon's final tip is to take advantage of social media. This involves detailing handles and account names on the press release, in order to encourage followers and 'friend' requests.

"Many events have official show hashtags which make it easy for attendees, exhibitors, media, and consumers alike to participate in the event conversation - whether they are on the show floor or following along from home," she added.