As a trade show organiser, you've got a certain number of booths to sell to would-be advertisers, and a certain amount of floor space to fill.

If you're struggling to attract interest in the event, filling up the room can prove to be a challenge - the last thing you want to do is have vast areas of the hall unoccupied.

But what about if you're going to be over-subscribed? Where you've got businesses and organisations competing for the best pitches on the floorplan, each one knowing the value of having a presence at your show.

In this instance, you want to maximise the amount of floor space you have available. Up to a point, more space can mean more revenue, and happier customers too.

You'll be able to give each advertiser the space that they need, ensuring they will be satisfied with your organisation of the event. This can encourage them to come again next year and become a loyal customer.

But how to increase your floor space? The bigger the facility you use, the greater the overheads and the logistical challenges. You can't simply rent out an aircraft hanger - this wouldn't work. The site has to be a manageable size and fit for purpose.

What you can do is think creatively and promote two-tier booths. These have an upstairs and downstairs, and allow customers to move from one level to the next using a flight of stairs.

This way, the same amount of physical floor space is in use, but advertisers have almost double the room to work with.

In an article for Business 2 Community, Jared DeVincenzo highlighted the potential benefits of these double-deck booths, suggesting they can help "blow the doors off trade show competition".

He said that they are a "powerful attention-grabber" for businesses as they can be seen from afar. As such, they are a great way of getting customers to come and find out about an organisation's offering.

Mr DeVincenzo claimed that double-deck booths allow businesses to make more of their space, offering "a great opportunity to expand".

If your trade show is able to support this type of booth - even promote them - you could see even greater interest from businesses and organisations in the future.

Removing one of the constraints of many trade show stands - physical space - can help organisations break new ground, in terms of attracting and retaining customers.