Brand exposure is key to any company's expansion plans. While the initial idea may have been a hit, it is crucial to build on that success.

There are numerous methods in helping to get your brand recognised whether it be through marketing campaigns or harnessing the power of social media. However, one method can be sometimes taken for granted but proves to get results. This is attending trade shows.

They have long been a key weapon in a business' arsenal, but with the growing level of technology, it may be seen as a somewhat outdated format. This could not be further from the truth and a good impression at a trade show could be the catalyst for allowing your company to expand in the future.

Delegates from all over the world gather at these shows and this presents the opportunity to talk to your target market face-to-face in an informal manner. You can give demonstrations about your product or idea and then even take them all the way to a potential purchase. They also provide a level of access you may not have even considered in the past.

There will be suppliers or clients that might not have been on your radar previously, but with the right pitch that could all change. Many businesses make the mistake of restricting themselves to just searching for new leads and customers, forgetting they could be making connections on the supply side of things.

By networking with other booths and delegates, you can really make an impression and set up contacts with a number of high profile companies, suppliers and customers.

Having the right approach and the right manner can ensure that you walk away from the trade show full of new ideas and a bulging contact book.