Build it Properly & They Shall Come

With so many different stalls vying for the undivided attention of delegates, making your exhibition space stand out from the rest can be difficult. There are many things you can do to give yourself the edge over nearby competitors, some of them more simple than others. The main principle is putting the effort in. . Here are a few tips that will hopefully make your stand the one that people are drawn to first.

Pick eye-catching colours

The human eye is naturally attracted to some colours more than others, so by picking the perfect scheme for your exhibition stand you have a better chance of drawing people over. Technically, vivid colours like electric pink and neon green are the best for attracting attention; however, these can be garish and might not reflect your image correctly. Opt for striking colours that compliment or contrast each other and that can be aligned with your brand’s identity.

Banner best practice

A large, interesting banner can be a great way to attract people to your stall. These items are specifically designed to intrigue people and you will see them at all events and exhibitions, so make sure you get them to the exhbition on time. But what do you need to make you own? Firstly, you need a decent colour scheme (see above), then it is a case of adding on your logo and, ideally, your mission statement or slogan. This doesn’t have to be too verbose, just a catchy sentence that sums up what you are about. This can range from Apple’s short, sweet and abstract “Think Different.” to clear and to the point Oxfam’s “To create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice.”

Set up a workshop

Think of a business problem that the people at your event are likely to have. It might be something as simple as an issue you have had in the past. Then, research the idea and develop a short workshop or seminar around it. A leaflet or a pen with your website on it will only go so far, but an interactive workshop will stick in the minds of others, especially if you help them in some way.

Put up posters around the event explaining when and where the seminar will take place during the course of the day and show the people in attendance you can help them with their problems.

A caffeine hit

Go out of your way to put on a little drinks stand of your own with quality tea and coffee available. This will offer a change to the standard stuff on offer at the event and endear you with the people you are trying to connect with. 

Don’t go over the top and spend half your exhibition stand budget on gourmet coffee and tea bags from Harrods, just head to you local supermarket and buy a selection that will last you for a few hours.

And if you want to give another delicious coffee-free option, why not  consider a delicious hot chocolate instead. We all love a hot chooclate!

Add a novelty

A novelty at your stand can be the difference between one of two people coming over and hoards of interesting networking options; the only issue is, it can be a tough nut to crack. First, you need to assess the tone of the event. If it’s going to be very formal, you might want to forgo the table football table. If you think it will be a little more laid-back, then you need to come up with something that’s both relevant and fun.