Don't Get Caught Without

When getting ready for a trade show, there are plenty of things you will already have on your packing list. After all, no one would set off without their promotional material, samples or a demonstration model of their product. However, there are a few useful items that a lot of people seem to forget. As you’re getting ready, here are some of the most common items people wish they had remembered.


Always bring a box of inexpensive ballpoint pens when you head to a trade show. From signing people up to mailing lists to writing a note on your business cards, you’ll always need to write things down, and many attendees won’t have brought their own pens either.


However carefully you pack, something will almost always end up tearing a little, or need repairing in some way. Be prepared for it.

Big bottle of water

While trade show venues will have refreshment facilities, bear in mind that you may have to travel a long way to the event, whether by car or public transport. It’s important to stay hydrated on the way there, and it is also good to have something to drink on hand at your stand.


On a similar note, it’s also crucial to keep your blood sugar levels up. Trade show days can be long and tiring, so bringing a few healthy snacks like fruit and nuts are often an absolute godsend to keep you on top of your game without the subsequent crash of junk food.


Your personal appearance will be on show and associated with your brand all day, so it’s important to be groomed. No one expects fashion model perfection, but neatness is a must. Taking a moment to tidy your hair with a comb can make a surprising amount of difference to your trade show success.