Inclusion, Time Effeciency, Neutrality

If your company has more than a few employees, you probably already have a space in your office that is appropriate for most of the meetings you need in the normal course of business. However, there are a number of advantages that can be gained by hiring a separate meeting room for certain occasions, particularly if it is not a regular expense.

Sometimes, you may need to include more people than you can comfortably fit in your existing space. In this scenario, you have a choice: either exclude people who really should be there, run sessions in shifts or source a bigger meeting space. Out of these, the first is not going to create the most effective meeting, and the second requires investing more time than you may be able to spare.

Instead, you should consider hiring a meeting room, because this means that everyone who needs to be present can be included in the most time-efficient manner possible, allowing all the right people to collaborate together.

If you have people coming from locations around the country, then meeting in a central location can be the fairest solution for a big meeting, as it helps defray travel costs, meaning that Cranmore Park's Solihull location is ideal.

For important meetings with clients, an external meeting room can be a great way of ensuring that the proceedings start on neutral ground, allowing everyone to feel as relaxed and cooperative as possible.

If you need to impress clients, a hired meeting room can also be useful, particularly if it includes services that you might not be able to offer in your own offices. It may also present a more pleasant and comfortable environment than you would otherwise be able to offer, particularly if space is at a premium.

While they aren’t necessary for most daily office business, a meeting room can provide valuable extra space, as well as a stress-free environment to make sure that your bigger events go as smoothly as possible.