Independent Gyms Summer Conference 2021

We were delighted to work with Independent Gyms to host their recent summer conference which was their first in-person event, post lockdown. Founder Robert Handy has big plans for Independent Gyms future live events and he explains why they'll be choosing Cranmore Park as a venue...

"Cranmore Park has been the perfect venue for our first post-lockdown conference. We outgrew our previous location and needed to find an alternative, Cranmore Park proved to be just right! From the outset the team were hugely helpful, even advising on set-up details we’d not considered. 

The conference ran like clockwork, the venue was set up ready to go and the team were on hand for any issues. We have big plans for the future of Independent Gyms events and these will all be held at Cranmore Park!" - Robert Handy, Founder, Independent Gyms

Independent Gyms supports the growth of independent fitness facilities across the UK and Ireland. Founded to make a difference to its members’ businesses and lives, Independent Gyms aims to improve the industry as a whole for gyms and end consumers and members can access savings across more than 60 partners, can attend webinars, events and workshops, and can download key resources

For further information about Independent Gyms please click here to visit their website.