The Engineering Development Trust (EDT) has praised Cranmore Park after the nationwide education charity successfully held its latest Midlands event at the venue.

The EDT, which is in its 30th year of operation, provides STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) enrichment activities for young people across the UK, and as such needs to hold a variety of events throughout the calendar year.

Among its most common are the symposiums held for the Engineering Education Scheme, which involve a number of school and college students working in teams with local industries, and so requires significant conferencing space on the completion of projects.

As Cranmore Park is located centrally in the Midlands, it is a proven and ideal location to host such events, with the geographical location complemented by the proximity to the motorway and other transport links.

The organisation's key aim is to provide rich workplace experiences for teenagers, in order to create a skilled and enthusiastic workforce, and therefore the size of any conferencing space is of utmost importance to ensure that the participants have the physical and creative freedom to achieve their goals.

When it comes to the Engineering Education Scheme, the teams not only require a large space for all of the necessary project work to be displayed, but also break-out and judging areas where important tasks can be conducted in a more intimate environment.

Cranmore Park's ground floor Platinum Suite provides the perfect space for the displays to be set up - and can be partitioned off if required - while the adjacent Diamond Suite and upstairs areas have frequently proven to be a perfect location for supplementary judging and other activities to take place.

There is also on site catering for the students, judges and other officials to enjoy.

The most recent Midlands event held at Cranmore Park took place in May, and was hailed as a "tremendous success" by the EDT, which was equally impressed by the work of the students who took part, and displayed an impressive combination of enthusiasm, ingenuity and ability that bodes well for the country's engineering future.

As the EDT commented: "As regular users of Cranmore Park, we can genuinely recommend it as a venue for a full range of events, particularly where you need a generous amount of open floorspace."

With the charity going from strength to strength and the nation's emerging student talent requiring a platform to showcase their abilities, Cranmore Park will continue to support both by providing the setting for this innovation and creativity.