24-25 January 2022

Organised by selectors with a wealth of experience in the furniture retail sector, INDX Furniture showcases new and bestselling products across Upholstery, Cabinet (Living, Dining and Bedroom), Lighting and Accessories, Garden and Service Providers.

Event Date: Mon 24 - Tue 25 January 2022
Website: https://www.indxshows.co.uk/indx-home/furniture/furniture

30-31 January 2022

INDX Kidswear is the largest kids trade show for independent retailers in the UK, specifically designed for independent kidswear buyers and retailers.



2-3 February 2022

The INDX Womenswear & Footwear Show is a unique trade show for Independent Retailers, dedicated to showcasing the leading womenswear, footwear and millinery brands.
Event Date: Wed 2 - Thu 3 February 2022
Website: https://www.indxshows.co.uk/indx-fashion/womenswear/womenswear

6-8 February 2022

INDX Menswear & Footwear is the leading menswear trade show for independent retail buyers. Business and buyer focused, the show is dedicated to showcasing the leading mens' fashion and accessories brands.

13-15 February 2022

INDX Intimate Apparel is a unique trade show for independent retailers, the only show of its kind in the UK
Event Date: Sun 13 - Tue 15 February 2022
Website: https://www.indxshows.co.uk/indx-fashion/intimate-apparel/intimate-apparel

22-23 February 2022

INDX Housewares is a unique trade show exclusively for housewares retailers in the independent sector. Hosted by buying group AIS, the show attracts buyers from department stores and shops all across the UK and Ireland.

22-23 March 2022

INDX Accessories is designed to meet the varied requirements of today’s independent retailers; from department stores to fashion and gift boutiques.
Event Date: Tue 22 - Wed 23 March 2022
Website: https://www.indxshows.co.uk/indx-fashion/accessories/accessories